The Integrative Management Approach of CSR

Today the society is on a turning point. The "old" economic concepts didn't work anymore. Many humans are asking for the meaning of their doing. If an organization is not able to deliver answers on this essential question it will lose its license to operate.

The idea of Sustainability and of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) opened the door for a new form of managing organizations. The integrative management approach combines (existing) systematic management with the meaningful and ethical dimension of humans. This concept minimizes the relevant inconsistencies between management structures and behavior. It opens opportunities, generates innovations, minimizes risks and enables a useful and sustain-able future for the next generations.

It is a holistic step by step concept, based on stakeholder dialogues, social engagements, agile methodologies and sustainable principles. The "double cross dialogic approach" and the "bridge process", the emotional and ethical reflections and a Learning Organization are the heart of this concept. Human Values combined with the Meaningful Dimension enables a "Change of Mind" of all relevant stakeholders. By expanding management to a third dimension and using the subconscious wisdom of an organization new opportunities and innovations will getting alive.

Read more in the upcomming CSR Encyclopedia from Springer / December 2012