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from the bookcover:

The role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the business world has developed from a fig leaf marketing front into an important aspect of corporate behavior over the past several years. Sustainable strategies are valued, desired and deployed more and more by relevant players in many industries all over the world. Both research and corporate practice therefore see CSR as a guiding principle for business success.

The "Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility" has been conceived to assist researchers and practitioners to align business and societal objectives. All actors in the field will find reliable and up to date definitions and explanations of the key terms of CSR in this authoritative and comprehensive reference work. Leading experts from the global CSR community have contributed to make the "Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility" the definitive resource for this field of research and practice.

Article from Thomas Walker:

The Integrative Management Approach of CSR describes a human management approach which combines systematic management with the non trivial behavior of people. It is a holistic step-by-step concept, based on stakeholder dialogues, social engagements, agile methodologies and sustainable principles.

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he Integrative Management Approach of CSR