The CSR Dictionary is published

An excellent overview about the actual BAT [Best Available Management Technology] in the area of sustainability, resilience, ethics, governance and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR Dictionrary Cover

Our contributions in the Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility are:

  • Corporate Resilience
  • Maturity Model of CSR
  • UNIDO reap26
    (Responsible Entrepreneurship Achievement Program based on ISO 26000)
  • CSR Marketplace
  • Corporate DNA
  • CSR Competence Cube
  • CSR Cube/Dice
    (in relation to UNIDO reap26)
  • Integrative Management Approach of CSR
  • Non Linear Development Approach of CSR (NLD)
    (is in line with the newest development in the WDR Report of the World Bank)
  • CSR Calendar Forum
  • CSR Starter
  • CSR Weather Report

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