The new Book Social Innovation was presented on the
Symposium "Social Innovation" at Schloss Urstein / Salzburg


Social Innovation Springer

from the bookcover:

Social Innovation is becoming an increasingly important topic in our global society. Those organizations which are able to develop business solutions to the most urgent social and ecological challenges will be the leading companies of tomorrow.

Social Innovation not only creates value for society but will be a key driver for business success. Although the concept of Social Innovation is discussed globally the meaning and its impact on the development of new business strategies is still heavily on debate. This publication has the goal to give a comprehensive overview of different concepts in the very innovative field of Social Innovation, from a managerial as well as from a theoretical and social perspective.

Article from Thomas Walker & Florian Beranek:

Social Innovations by giving a voice

Social innovations are human innovations, made by humans, for humans, in interaction with humans, based on human and ethical values, in a human scale. Social innovations can never be made isolated from humans. But this often happens....

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