Lecturing Sustainable Finance and how to manage
Sustainability Risk's at the London Metropolitan University

Sustainable Finance is a hot topic at the moment. Since the European Commission published the “Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth” many actions had been started in the banking industry. Additionally, the BAFIN (the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) published the new guiding document “on dealing with Sustainability Risks”. This document combines a holistic and integrative management approach with instruments how to deal with climate related risks (physical and transition risks).

It was a pleasure to share all the newest insights and knowledge with the students at the London Metropolitan University.

Was great to work with international students from many places in the world and to share knowledge with them. They had been highly interested in the topic Sustainable Finance and we discussed intensively how they could transfer these useful approaches to their home countries and to the Finance Industry in the United Kingdom. - Thanks to them for their openess and great ideas! - I had the feeling that many of them understand now the deeper purpose by a Sustainable Management.

2019 12 Metropolitan University Sustainable Finance